We contribute towards looking after our planet Earth through deep technology

Zeus-Gea is an international consulting company of experts in engineering, monitoring, analysis and modeling of time-space series with early-warning systems.

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Satellite Monitoring

Terrestrial Monitoring

We appreciate the past, understand the present, and predict future specific events

Our dream

Using our Zeus-Gea© technology, we aim to predict the future with a greater accuracy than ever before through integrating more data with real-time intelligent models.

Industries / Sectors

At Zeus-Gea we work with industries and sectors that have a significant impact on our Earth and its environment, such as:

Collapses and failures

Accidents, Safety and Design Failures

Natural Disasters and Failures

avalanches, geological faults, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis


tailings deposits, open pit, underground mining, water pipelines

Forestry and Agriculture

biomass, fires, vegetation, humidity


displacements and thaws


roads, ports, railways, underground construction, tunnels, excavations, foundations

Water Resources

dams, reservoirs, rivers, lakes; including flow, water level, snow height and their equivalence


determination and monitoring of algae bloom


parametric insurance underwriting and support


The services we offer include satellite and terrestrial monitoring, real-time monitoring and analysis of installed instrumentation or any parameter of interest through our unique Zeus-Gea© software platform and technology.

ZEUS - Satellite Monitoring

ZEUS - Satellite Monitoring

GNSS, InSAR, PolSAR, TomoSAR, Time Series, High resolution images and frequency.

GEA - Terrestrial Monitoring

GEA - Terrestrial Monitoring

Smart wireless sensors to measure any parameter of interest.

ZEUS-GEA software

ZEUS-GEA software

Real-time monitoring of any type of instrumentation with its integration, intelligent self-calibration of measured data and early alerts.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Our team

Our Zeus-Gea team is passionate about improving lives and collaborating with academia, companies and institutions to avoid disasters damaging our environment and community. The company looks forward to establishing new connections and partnerships.

Gonzalo Corral

CEO, Co-Founder
  • PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
  • Degree of Civil Engineer, MIT
  • MSc in Geotechnical Engineering, Universidad de Chile
  • Structural Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Gonzalo has more than 17 years of international experience in geotechnical consulting.

Octavio Larrain

CBO, Co-Founder
  • Industrial Engineer, Universidad del Bío-Bío

Octavio has more than 21 years of international experience in the business and insurance market.

Zhandos Orazalin

  • Postdoctoral Associate at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
  • PhD/SM in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
  • Civil Engineer, Karaganda State Technical University.

Zhandos has more than 10 years of international experience in geotechnical consulting.

Pablo Ramirez

  • Master in Finance, Macquarie University
  • Industrial and Mechanics Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Pablo has more than 17 years of international experience in corporate finance.